Corporate Social Responsibility – Our statement

The ambition of Straatweg Group is to build a strong reputation on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for all companies within the group. Something that seems almost impossible within the technical industry.
However, more can be achieved than one might think… ‘We Grow by Growing Greener’… How? Read on.

  1. Use of green energy
    The Straatweg Group focuses on smart and sustainable operations by using green electricity and keeping its energy consumption as low as possible.
  2. Construction of a full sustainable FaQtory
    In the Netherlands, we are currently working on a brand-new factory, called FaQtory.
    A technical environment with only ‘the state of the art’ machines!
    In the FaQtory, our production runs on full electric machines. This was a deliberate choice for various reasons. Electric machines are..
    • extremely accurate, which results in a fast and sustainable production for our global customers
    • ultra clean and quiet, which fits in with our mission to prioritize quality and traceability
    • ideal for our 24/7 cleanroom production

    And last but not least, all-electric machines consume 80% less energy than traditional machines, resulting in the lowest possible carbon footprint.

  3. Smart recovery and reuse of materials
    The Straatweg Group follows a smart work process for the reuse of plastic materials. Similar plastics can be reused when they are accurately sorted according to their plastic specifications. In this way, we reduce the use of fossil raw materials right from the beginning of the production chain. An additional advantage of this production method is that plastic products that would otherwise end up in waste are now reused.
  4. Minimal residual waste
    By reusing materials, our smart production method not only produces new products, it also reduces the amount of residual waste.
  5. Insight into CO2-savings
    With the assistance of an advanced calculator, we chart the CO2 savings for the manufacture of your products accurately.
  6. Local production
    As a Dutch company, the Straatweg Group intends to operate its production locally as much as possible.
    This avoids the usual transport costs, which is also better for the environment.
  7. Grateful work for people distanced from the labour market
    People who are distanced from the labour market usually like to contribute to society and are often the best production employees an organisation could wish for. A wonderful win-win situation with great social value! For a long time now, Straatweg Group has been gratefully cooperating with Kansis, a social work company from Breukelen (NL).
  8. Responsibility for- and development of employees
    The Straatweg Group aims to create a safe, healthy and happy working environment for all its employees. In doing so, the opportunity is offered to develop talents and skills and supports diversity and inclusion. The Straatweg Group is known as a caring, social and supportive employer that promotes the right to equal employment opportunities and adheres to labor law guidelines within the framework of good employership. It prevents its business activities from directly or indirectly violating human rights in any form and is open to any suggestions for improvement from its employees.

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