Mission Statement

Our purpose is, to have our group of brands develop and manufacture their own original products in order to facilitate their customers in achieving sustainable growth.


  • The Straatweg Group stimulates and supports its group of brands in achieving their individual ambitions
  • The Straatweg Group assists its group of brands in optimising their shared purposes so they are able to empower each other’s strengths and achieve maximum synergy

Our corporate values


The Straatweg Group considers sustainability of the highest importance. We are very much aware of our role and consider tomorrow’s world, with every step we take – We Grow by Growing Greener.


Thanks to our closed-looped production processes, we are able to guarantee a minimum of residual waste and may consider ourselves as a group of circular companies.


Through many years of experience, our highly-qualified teams of specialists, engineers and R&D staff and our global network, make us an established and reliable partner in the technical industry.


Our teams are always at your disposal to come up with a unique solution for each question, tailored to your specific needs.

Our achievements

  • Introduced and implemented working systems which enabled us to work effectively from home during periods of lock-down (and beyond).
  • Started executing a companywide plan to fully drive on electric vehicles including the placement of four EV charging stations.
  • Integrated four companies in one joint way of working, supported by one integrated ERP system.
  • Reengineered our products and services which ensured less use of raw materials, energy and labour which is beneficial for both customer and planet.
  • Moved all websites to a new content management system and made them fully compliant.
  • Improved our capabilities to create and manufacture products in the Netherlands.
  • Built a Class 5 BRC certified cleanroom in the Netherlands.
  • Built a state of the art ultra clean FIBC fitment FaQtory in the Netherlands.

Our brands

Orange Plastics

Turnkey, from idea till finished products

Qbig Packaging

Solid Liquid Solutions

IBC Store

Sustainable IBC solutions

Used to create New

Circular by design and execution