Straatweg Group

House of Brands

At the Straatweg Group we form a unique ‘House of Brands’, consisting of four brands that each fulfill a specific role. Although these brands are distinguished by their target groups and specializations, they share the same core values and together they form one close-knit family.


Qbig and Orange Plastics: The foundation

The core of Straatweg Group is formed by two important entities: Qbig and Orange Plastics. These brands are central and represent the core of our activities. The Straatweg Group acts as the connecting factor between these two entities.

At Qbig Packaging we develop an IP portfolio for Fitments for the FIBC industry. We specialize in packaging solutions for liquid, solid and dry ingredients that create maximum efficiency and therefore value for our customers during operational activities. We are recognized in the market as experts in the development of inventive industrial plastic parts and solutions. Orange Plastics is the driving force behind engineering, mold construction and injection molding of plastic parts. Thanks to our years of experience and broad knowledge, we can go from idea to product in a very short turnaround time. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services that are not only economically valuable, but also respect the environment.



R2S embodies our commitment to sustainable and circular production methods. The R2S quality mark guarantees sustainably and circularly produced goods and is worn with pride. With this quality mark, we actively involve our customers in making their plastic injection molded products greener and quantify this through CO2 calculations. It emphasizes our efforts to produce responsibly.



IBC Store focuses largely on the specialized ink market and positions itself as the ultimate "ink specialist". With in-depth expertise, we serve this B2B niche market with precision and passion. The remainder consists mainly of high-viscosity products, where our complete packaging solution ensures minimal residue. Although each of our brands has its own identity, they share the overarching vision of Straatweg Group: sustainable growth, innovation and collaboration. Together they form our 'house of brands', allowing us to support our customers and partners at every stage of their journey.