Straatweg Group

Our story

Innovating, growing, sustainably & together

The core values of Straatweg Group

In a time where change is the norm and technology is developing rapidly, the Straatweg Group is a partner that continues to think ahead.

We stand for working together, innovation and sustainability, and we are proud to embrace and radiate these core values in all our activities.

Partnership for true innovation

Our mission

At Straatweg group we strongly believe in the power of working together. Our mission is clear: we aim to develop ground-breaking, sustainable plastic solutions, together with our customers and stakeholders. We view ourselves as the bridge between ideas and reality, in which we develop products and services that not only increase the success of our partners, but also contribute to the protection of our planet.

A sustainable solution for everybody

Our vision

Straatweg Group looks ahead to a future in which sustainability is not the exception but the norm. We strive for a world on which products and services not only fulfil the needs of our customers but also have a positive and sustainable impact on our planet. Our vision is clear: we want to guide our customers and partners on their path for sustainable growth.



Together with Qbig Packaging, Orange Plastics, sustainability label R2S and IBC-Store, we are taking steps towards a more sustainable future. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services that are not only economically valuable, but also respect the environment. Our collaboration, innovation and sustainability efforts will continue to evolve and grow because these three pillars are the foundation of our company.


Promise of quality

We set the bar high for ourselves and want to lead the way in quality so that we can continue to relieve our customers of the ever-increasing and changing requirements regarding regulations and traceability. With out ISO9001 certificate, we show that we take quality standards seriously and with the recently taken path to also be ISO 14001 certified, we show that our sustainability efforts are structural.

Core values


We consider cooperation as a fundamental value. We believe that it makes it possible to achieve joint success and have a positive impact on our planet. We cannot do this alone, we do it together with all our partners and stakeholders.